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Ahram Online: World's most expensive IKEA Billy bookcase sold in Egypt

The same bookcase sold in Egypt is available at less than half the price in Slovakia, with the world average significantly lower also.
19.10.15 | Interesting article at Ahram Online

Egypt is host to the most expensive IKEA Billy bookcase at a price more than double the cheapest one in Slovakia, and almost double the world average, according to a Bloomberg survey.

A white bookcase, 202 centimetres (79.5 inches) high, 80 centimetres wide and 28 centimetres deep costs $101.55 in Egypt, while the same bookcase costs $39.35 in Slovakia with the world average at $58.1.

Egypt, one of 48 countries surveyed by Bloomberg, is struggling with fast growing annual inflation hitting 9.2 percent in September at a time when most European economies are struggling with near stagnant general price levels.