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11.06.2024 - 11.06.2024 | Online | Conference

International Conference of developing urban areas

 7th edition of the "Future Smart City" International Conference.

  • 11.06.2024
  • Online Conference In Collabration With Xiamen University, Malaysia

Imagine a city built on renewable energy, smart home management, cloud computing, and sustainable building designs. It might seem like an image from the future, but in reality, it is the upcoming future of cities, and to name it more appropriately, Smart Cities.

Smart Cities are the new uprising models for future cities around the globe. Featuring a myriad of advancements in our current civilization, Smart Cities are the actual tomorrow we live in. Smart Cities will feature computational advancements that include data analysis and the role of technology in developing these Smart Cities. In addition, having a renewable energy source as well as developing energy-efficient optimization methods to conserve the energy resources needed to create the infrastructure of the currently emerging smart cities are some of the numerous obstacles yet basis for creating these astounding smart cities.

With the globally-increased importance of Smart Cities and following the success of the previous edition of IEREK's International Conference on Future Smart Cities, the 7th edition will cover everything from understanding the significance of building sustainable smart cities to the challenges that might be faced during the implementation of these smart cities.

The conference will open the doors for researchers and specialists from across the globe to discuss contemporary models and techniques for building smart cities and maintaining energy and other means to sustain life for future generations.


IEREK, understanding the importance of smart cities, has organized the 5th edition of the "Future Smart City" International Conference. A large number of researchers and stakeholders gather to discuss how building a smart city fosters sustainability and which challenges and concerns need to be considered when investing in services and infrastructure supporting the city to be more livable.

IEREK invites Policymakers, citizens, researchers, universities, businesses, and planners to discuss this topic, maximize the benefits of the conference, and present successful suggestions for future smart cities. 

Selected papers from this conference will be published in the IEREK Interdisciplinary series on "Advances in Science, Technology and Innovation" (ASTI) published by Springer and indexed in scopus. Other submissions will be published by IEREK Press.





Previous Conference: Future Smart Cities 25 - 27 September 2018, Alexandria