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General Terms and Conditions

§ 1 Range of services

The marketing-BÖRSE is an internet service portal for the presentation and marketing of services and products. It is aimed at companies and freelancers. The marketing-BÖRSE is an independent product/service of marketing-BÖRSE GmbH, Waghäusel, and enables a generally accessible, free online search for products, companies and freelancers. The customer of the marketing-BÖRSE - in the sense of a client - is the company or freelancer (hereinafter referred to as the participant) who enters, transfers, updates or deletes their own data (contact details, service offers) online via the Internet in an area reserved for them on the marketing-BÖRSE. The participant may incur subscription costs.

§ 2 Scope of services

The marketing-BÖRSE GmbH guarantees anonymous, free research in a database at the Internet addresses,,, and, into which interested, authorised participants can independently enter their offer information online. The information service Marketing Börse - is available 24 hours a day for online access via the Internet. Exceptions are short maintenance periods or failures due to force majeure. The scope of a participant's database entry is not limited. In order to ensure a simple, targeted search with clear search results, please use precise, concise wording. A reference (link) to one's own Internet pages (regardless of who made them and on which WWW server they are located) is part of the information in the database.

§ 3 Service agreement

A service agreement between a participant and marketing-BÖRSE GmbH shall automatically come into effect upon the activation of the user subscription for the information entered online and its activation and publication triggered by the Internet.


The service agreement, which has come into existence through the activation of the data entered by the participant by marketing-BÖRSE GmbH for online research, may be terminated by the participant informally with 14 days' notice to the end of the booked interval. For marketing-BÖRSE GmbH it shall end automatically if a participant continues to be in arrears with the payment of the fees charged to him/her after a reminder has been sent. Otherwise, the period of notice to be given by the operator shall be one month to the expiry of the subscription. The participant himself/herself shall be responsible for the content and scope of his/her database entries; marketing-BÖRSE GmbH shall not assume any responsibility for the content of a participant's database entry and any claims derived therefrom. The participant undertakes to keep his/her personal user password and password for online access to his/her data area on the marketing-BÖRSE server safe and to protect them from access by third parties, misuse and loss. The participant shall indemnify marketing-BÖRSE GmbH against any costs and claims of third parties arising from the breach of the aforementioned obligations. marketing-BÖRSE GmbH reserves the right not to release and publish entries. Entries may be deleted by marketing-BÖRSE GmbH at any time. The participant shall indemnify marketing-BÖRSE GmbH against any justification.

§ 4 Costs / Payment

Online searchable entry (with detailed description of the offer profile and reference to independent Internet presentation) in the marketing-BÖRSE database, all modules, communication elements and advertising opportunities for participants in the closed area set up specifically for this purpose shall be communicated in the currently valid price list. All prices shall be directed at customers in the business sector and shall, as a rule, be exclusive of statutory value-added tax, unless explicitly stated otherwise. marketing-BÖRSE GmbH shall issue the user of chargeable content with an invoice corresponding to the booking period. The participant shall have access to this invoice in his or her protected area at all times. The invoice amount shall be collected in accordance with the booked services by direct debit or credit card, or shall be paid in advance. Unless otherwise agreed, the subscription is automatically renewed. Any cancellation must be made in writing. marketing-BÖRSE GmbH reserves the right to change the fees at any time. The subscriber will be informed of any changes to the fees at least 6 weeks before they come into effect by e-mail.

Security & Payment

The order will appear as "MARKETING-BOERSE.DE 07254957730" on your credit card statement. We recommend that you print out all transaction details, as well as the T&C's and keep them in an easily accessible place. Your credit card will be charged immediately after your order has been successfully placed. Questions, suggestions or complaints will be answered within 48 hours at the latest. Suitable contact persons and addresses can be found under the heading: Contact. marketing-BÖRSE GmbH neither stores nor processes your credit card information.

§ 5 Place of Jurisdiction

The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Philippsburg