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Language Models Are Everywhere

Webinar 22.04.2023

5 alternatives to ChatGPT, 4 institutions want to regulate generative AI, 2 warn against ChatGPT, Google builds its own and Rapunzel can talk!

Five Alternatives to ChatGPT

It's growing and it's coming as an open-source alternative. The LAION Community, which means large-scale artificial intelligence network, introduced its own language models. It's initiated by the developer Andreas Koepf and YouTuber Janik Klinscher, and it will be open source. Number two is Stability AI, they are developers of Stable Diffusion, the image production company and they have a model called StabilityLM. Amazon introduced Bedrock's new language model, it takes the language models of AI21Labs, Anthropic, and Stability AI, the company behind stable diffusion. Number four, Alibaba has a product, it's a kind of DingTalk, and it's similar to Teams which means companies get AI into their working environment. And number five is Snapchat which now has an AI chatbot which they have already and now it's free for everyone.
What can we learn as a company? Try it out and watch the evolution, but please try out what is working and what is not working.
Four institutions want to regulate generative AI
The Federal Government of Germany wants to have clear rules as our Interior Minister said. The European Union Parliament is discussing classifying chat GPT as a high-risk technology, and in the US, the National Telecommunication and Information Administration is going further, they are collecting proposals on how to regulate generative AI. And China, as usual, is the fastest, they already have a database of undesirable content.
What does all that mean for you as a company? Introduce internal rules on how to use generative AI because it is dangerous in some way.
Institutions warn against ChatGPT
The one first is an appeal by the Alliance of Creators and Artists from 43 European associations because their content is being used to train the language models. And the US Congress discusses and has invited the Federal Trade Commission, FTC, and they classify chatTBT as a turbo-charge fraud. That means fraud will be even more dangerous because the language model can do things that we definitely don't want them to do.
What does all this mean for you as a company? Involve the legal department to see what is and is not allowed.
Google to build an AI search engine
Now Google lost compared to Microsoft because Microsoft they have its chat GPT and the New York Times is reporting that Samsung is discussing of using Bing instead of Google as a search engine. And Apple might think of that too and this would be very bad for Google. So, they have a project now named Maggi, like magic and it's in a search engine where you can ask questions and have an image search which is better than the existing one.
What does that mean for you as a company? Place your ads not only on Google but try Bing because they are getting a better reach due to the good possibility of asking questions. People now prefer Bing over Google.
Rapunzel can talk
You know the fairy tales and now you can talk to the characters of your fairy tale. It's an app on the iPhone, it's called Super Chat and there you can talk to Shakespeare, to Albert Einstein, to Cleopatra, to Neil Armstrong and you can just talk to them because they got all the knowledge of this person through artificial intelligence. Of course, it's also Snow White and Sherlock Holmes, and Rapunzel. What does that mean for you as a company? Do this with your company content, and plan your company chat, so I can ask the chatbot of your company anything I want to ask your company and you want to tell me.

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