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This Week's Digital News: Less Money is Flowing

There is movement in pricing and product variants at Netflix and Peloton. Google and Spotify are experimenting with ads.
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Google fights for ads

Since last year, Google already has automatically generated assets (ACA) for search engine ads. Soon, the assets will be improved with generative AI so that it can create more effective search ads based on the context of a search query.

In the future, the content will come automatically from the landing page, which will be summarised by Google's AI. The AI then generates effective keywords, headlines, descriptions, images, and other elements for your campaign.

In this way, Google creates ads that are better tailored to the user's search query. The goal is to improve the relevance of ads for brands in search results.


Spotify plans audio ads

Spotify has already gained initial experience with a ➡️KI DJ based on podcast host ➡️Xavier "X" Jernigan. Now the streaming service probably also wants to use AI voices for podcast advertising.

In 2022, Spotify acquired the AI platform Sonantic and combined it with OpenAI's technology. Recordings from the host are used to generate the AI voices, which are processed by the AI.


Peloton lowers prices

Peloton has revamped its workout app to offer three different tiers. The free version has 50 courses unlocked. The existing $12.99 version includes thousands of courses from strength training to meditation to walking, but only three courses per month with cardio equipment. In addition, there is a new premium offer for $24 that guarantees unlimited access to the Peloton library and exclusive courses.

With this, Peloton is saying goodbye to a fitness bike brand and instead wants to broaden its reach.


Netflix disses unofficial viewers

Account sharing has long been a thorn in Netflix's side. Now the streaming service is getting serious and charging €4.99 for each person outside the household who uses the account.

Netflix is already testing the changes in Latin America, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain. In the process, Netflix made the experience that after initial cancellations, many users return and accept the additional costs.

Doctors warn the young

The Surgeon General of the United States is a high office in the American Public Health Service. Currently holding this role is Dr. Vivek Murthy, who warns against social media for young people. There is not yet enough evidence to determine whether social media is sufficiently safe for children and adolescents, he writes in an advisory letter.

The brain development of adolescents is particularly vulnerable to social pressure when identity and self-esteem are forming, he says. During this time, the use of social media can have serious consequences.