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This Week's Digital News: AI is unstoppable

IBM, the oldest IT company in the world, is jumping on the AI bandwagon. Salesforce is also talking about how its own products are boosted with AI.
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IBM gets in on the act

IBM has been around for 113 years. At its Think conference, the world's oldest IT company announced IBM Watsonx. This is a platform that provides tools for building AI models. But also access to pre-trained AI models to create code and text, among other things.

On the future of AI for the workplace, CCO Rob Thomas says "AI may not replace managers, but the managers that use AI will replace the managers that don't."

Salesforce is betting on AI

The importance Salesforce places on AI was evident in CMO Sarah Franklin's keynote at Salesforce World Tour NYC. Out of 67 minutes of speaking time, Franklin devoted 40 minutes to generative AI.

The speech included ➡️EinsteinGPT, a tool that answers questions about Salesforce content, and ➡️SlackGPT, which provides info on Slack. There will also be AI that creates landing pages, writes sales emails, and creates code.

OpenAI makes AI comprehensible

Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT are a kind of black box even for scientists. To find out how the AI arrives at its results, OpenAI has developed a tool. It shows which parts of the language model are responsible for which behavior.

Anthropic introduces constitution

The resources with which AI is trained often come from the internet and have a racist or sexist bias. Anthropic, therefore, wants to build the values-based AI system "Constitutional AI". The basis for this is to be the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The content created by the AI will be criticized and improved by the AI itself.

ChatGPT can manage funds

A fund of 30 stocks put together by ChatGPT has risen more than the ten most popular funds in the UK over the past two months. ChatGPT's fund has risen by 4.9 percent in the period, while the rest of the funds grew by an average of 0.8 percent.

In a survey, 19 percent of Britons said they would consider seeking financial advice from ChatGPT. Eight percent had already done so. Two US researchers, meanwhile, found that ChatGPT decodes US central bank messages better than other methods.