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PM visits El Sewedy Electrical Transformers Factory emphasizing role in energy sector, support for local industries

Al-Suwaidi emphasized the company's dedication to delivering high-quality local products that meet international standards.
01.04.24 | Source: Egypt Today

Prime Minister, Mostafa Madbouly, visited the El Sewedy Electrical Transformers Factory in the 10th of Ramadan City. The visit aimed to familiarize the Prime Minister with the factory's equipment, manufacturing processes, and its significant contribution to the energy sector, particularly in the realm of new and renewable energy.


During the tour, Madbouly inspected various production lines, including the dry transformer production line, the power transformer production line, and several components of the factory. He emphasized the pivotal role played by the facility, which manufactures crucial components for energy projects, in the country's development. The Prime Minister lauded the efforts of the private sector and reaffirmed the government's commitment to supporting local industries.


Expressing his delight at the Prime Minister's visit, Sadiq Al-Suwaidi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Elsewedy Electric Company, highlighted the significance of the visit in line with the government's initiatives to boost the private sector and promote domestic manufacturing. 


Al-Suwaidi emphasized the company's dedication to delivering high-quality local products that meet international standards, thereby creating numerous direct and indirect job opportunities. The company also strives to contribute to the modernization and enhancement of Egypt's electrical network by leveraging cutting-edge technologies available in its factories.


The General Manager of the factory, Walid El Gendy, provided a comprehensive explanation of the factory's operations. The El Sewedy Electrical Transformers Factory comprises three production lines: a power transformer production plant with an annual production capacity of 10,000 megavolt amperes, a dry transformer production plant capable of producing up to 3,000 transformers annually, and an oil distribution transformer plant with a production capacity of up to 6,000 transformers per year. These transformers boast varying capacities and voltage levels, catering to different energy requirements.


The El Sewedy Electrical Transformers Factory plays a significant role in the local market, with 70% of its production volume catering to domestic demands. Additionally, the factory exports approximately 30% of its output worldwide, encompassing Europe, America, Africa, and the Arabian Gulf region. The factory, situated on an expansive area of around 136.7 thousand square meters, aims to double its production capacity and increase the export rate to 50% of its overall production volume.