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Detailed Market Opportunities for Global Wireless Carriers in Smart Cities, Homes, and Solutions

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Big Market Research | 03.07.2015
Big Market Research has added a report titled “Market Opportunities for Global Wireless Carriers in Smart Cities, Homes, and Solutions.” The report is designed with the aim extend a synergetic mix of major driver of the smart cities and supporting technologies that has triggered growth in wireless carriers worldwide. The report takes a closer look at the smart city planning as well as urban development to help business investors invest on sustainable and winning business model. Furthermore, the decision analysts apply concept testing to evaluate the smart grid, utilities and telecom infrastructure, so that potentially proven solutions can be spotted early on.

For a better understanding the report explores the profile of smart city enterprises and solutions from Accenture, Cisco Systems, ABB, IBM, Honeywell and Siemens AG among several others. The testing methodology used in the report further enables the business owners analyse the advertising and promotional concepts, improvise communication package and design strong marketing strategies. In addition the stakeholders, product managers, marketing executive and other professionals seeking relevant data on energy management, industrial automation, transportation and security would find the report fruitful.

Apart from this, the report brings to light the worldwide smart city investment, upcoming projects and plans across regions such as Europe, South America, North America and Asia Pacific. Lastly, the report attempts to address the target markets that comprises of majorly the wireless carriers, information processing companies, datacentre companies and component suppliers among several others.