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Papers on Egypt's business

Discover new inspiration and ideas to make your business more successful. Read papers from reknown experts on Egypt's business.

  • What a tunnel between Morocco and Spain means for Egypt

    A planned tunnel links Africa to Europe. This will facilitate the export of Moroccan products and thus change Egypt's competitive situation in Europe

    01.05.2023 | Egypt Business Directory

  • How to make people read your emails

    The most brilliant newsletter content is worthless if the mailing is not opened. The battle for attention in the inbox is fierce.

    10.04.2023 | Michael Kornfeld

  • These SEO trends will shape 2023

    The fast-paced SEO industry is in for a whirlwind year. These 4 trends will shape the year.

    03.04.2023 | Thomas Zeithaml

  • 7 steps to successful social media marketing

    Social media marketing has also become part of integrated communication in the B2B sector. But what do companies need to consider when implementing?

    27.03.2023 | Amelie Zawada

  • What Egyptian Entrepreneurs can learn from France, USA, and Russia

    For many young Egyptians, starting their own business is a promising option to beat high unemployment rates. We describe which skills are important.

    20.03.2023 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Why is SEO so important?

    The fact is: Google's algorithm is complex. SEO is therefore much more than just researching keywords and writing them into a text.

    13.03.2023 | Egypt Business Directory

  • German managers are cautious about investing in India

    German industry sympathises more with Egypt than India. Only every third company wants to invest in India. Customs and bureaucracy slow down imports.

    27.02.2023 | Egypt Business Directory

  • 7 Misconceptions about SEA and SEO

    Google keeps quiet about details of ranking factors and thus promotes the creation of legends in search engine marketing. 7 myths in a fact check.

    27.02.2023 | Andreas Karasek

  • How Coca Cola uses Neuromarketing

    Why is Coca-Cola the market leader in soft drinks, even though Pepsi always scores better in taste tests?

    20.02.2023 | Egypt Business Directory

  • The secret of Indian economic growth

    Egypt and India have much in common. Indian economic and financial policies are in many ways also interesting to observe for Egypt.

    06.02.2023 | Egypt Business Directory

  • The textile industry of Egypt

    12 % of Egypt's export earnings come from the textile industry. Egypt hosts the largest and most productive textile clusters in Africa.

    23.01.2023 | Egypt Business Directory

  • What Egypt can learn from India

    For Egypt, with its vibrant economy and creative potential, there are many opportunities to develop new products for African markets.

    09.01.2023 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Biontech must fight

    Biontech delivered a vaccine against Corona at a record pace. In the meantime, demand for Comirnaty, still the world's top-selling drug, is flagging.

    23.11.2022 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Elon Musk: The dangerous entrepreneur

    Elon Musk is as powerful as ever - and acts as erratically as ever. Until now, the Musk factor has been Tesla's greatest strength.

    23.11.2022 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Nine goals of digital marketing

    Digital marketing enables companies to achieve goals more easily and with less effort than with traditional media.

    09.11.2022 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Growth marketing is the key to online success

    Growth marketing combines various forms of marketing to generate new customers as efficiently and quickly as possible with the help of data.

    08.11.2022 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Steps to a digital marketing strategy

    Digital marketing helps to develop new target groups and turn prospects into customers. Campaigns are targeted, personalised and interactive.

    03.11.2022 | Egypt Business Directory

  • 5 good reasons for more digital marketing

    Digital marketing is the most powerful discipline in marketing today because companies can reach more potential customers with less effort.

    02.11.2022 | Egypt Business Directory

  • How Augmented Reality is changing marketing

    Numerous examples that show what is possible and works on websites. Augmented Reality works completely without additional software.

    08.07.2022 | Frank Puscher

  • NSK reduces machine tool quadrant glitches

    In sectors such as mould and toolmaking, manufacturers demand ever-higher levels of accuracy and surface finish.

    23.05.2022 | Egypt Business Directory