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Call Centers in Egypt

The international management consultant Kearney has ranked Egypt as one of the hot destinations for offshore outsourcing.
Global Sky | 28.08.2011
Egypt the republic of the African continent has more than 77 million population majority of which are settled in the banks of river Nile the only place where arable land is available for cultivation. This former colony of British became an independent Republic and grew under leaders like Gamal Abder Nasser, Anwar Sadat and the present president Hosni Mubarak.

The economy of the country is largely dependant on Agriculture , petroleum exports and media besides cultural tourism. Roughly around 5 million people are working abroad especially in countries of Gulf,Europe and also in the Unitesd states.Its entry into the call Center and BPO industry is of recent origin though as per the experts the country is likely to be a large player in the call centre market. The international management consultant Kearney has ranked Egypt as one of the hot destinations for offshore outsourcing and has numbered the country as the 12th destinations of the world.
It is expected that the Republic of Egypt may show a growth rate of more than 50 percent in the call centre market in the next one year.One of the Egypts leading call centers has set up more than 1210 seat operation for its new office at subsidised facilities from the government where the average salary of the employees is more than 200 pound sterling.There is large demand for the jobs in the call centres and in a recent chat with the one of the top executives of a leading call centre firm it was opined that on an average around 17000 resumes are received by the firm for a single post.The country can be for Europe in the call center industry as india is to The USA in the BPO industry.

In the coming days the focus would shift to Egypt from India as per the spokes man of one of the leading BPO firms because of the still lower wages in the country compared to the latter inspite of being the leader in the call center and BPO industry. The country is aware of its limitations in the Information Technology skills and communication infrastrcture and skilled person power.The main focus of the country would be therefore in developing the internal expertise to equip the nation to compete with the leaders of the industry like India , Ireland and Eastern Europe.