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Top Facebook brands in Egypt

Egyptians love their brands - especially when they are on Facebook. But which companies were able to build a solid fan base on the social network?
Every once in a while, popular online platform Socialbakers releases reports about Facebook statistics worldwide.

In May 2012, Socialbakers issued a report about the popularity of brands in Egypt - on Facebook. Between the 1st of May 2012 and the 31st of May 2012, the social network registered 11 million Egyptian users.

Undoubtedly, social network marketing is a vital and essential sector for any company, as it increases the possible target audience and offers direct interactive communication between the customer and the brand or company. In Egypt, the number of Facebook users interacting with brands online is on the rise.

Following is a list of the top 10 brands on Facebook, ranked by the number of fans:
1. Vodafone Egypt: 1,302,000
2. Nokia Egypt: 1,273,000
3. Coca-Cola Egypt: 1,258,000
4. Samsung Egypt Fan Page: 1,002,000
5. Pepsi Masr: 979,000
6. DARE'n'DEAL: 902,000
7. Etisalat Misr (community): 829,000
8. 745,000
9. LINKDSL: 631,000
10. Chipsy Egypt: 582,000

Socialbakers also looked at the top 10 brands by average engagement rate (AER). AER is calculated as the average numbers of likes, comments and shares per post on a given day, divided by the total number of fans for the page. It reflects the percentage of the fan base that interacts on average with posts. The 10 most active brands were:
1. I AM Egypt: 0.5248%
2. Be at your Best with Nestle: 0.4455%
3. Nescafe Egypt: 0.1852%
4. Vodafone Egypt: 0.1481%
5. BMW Egypt: 0.1286%
6. MINI Egypt: 0.1171%
7. UMP Movie Guide: 0.1099%
8. LINKDSL: 0.1098%
9. McDonald's Egypt: 0.1056%
10. Vero Moda: 0.1053%

Another interesting factor that the online portal researched was the response rate (RR) of each brand. The RR is calculated as the number of page-administrator responses made to user-generated wall posts, divided by the total number of user-generated posts. This shows how interactive the brand is with its online fans, and the top 10 were:
1. Mobinil: 89%
2. Kia Motors Egypt: 63%
3. McDonald's Egypt: 51%
4. Samsung Egypt Fan Page: 45%
5. Cobone Cairo: 31%
6. Chipsy Egypt: 27%
7. MINI Egypt: 21%
8. Nokia Egypt: 20%
9. Trident Egypt: 16%
10. Vero Moda: 6%

Finally, Socialbakers looked at the top 10 Facebook media, ranked by number of fans:
1. R.N.N (Arabic): 1,697,000
2. Yala: 1,177,000
3. AlMasry AlYoum (Arabic): 820,000
4. Al Nahar: 795,000
5. AlAhram (Arabic): 742,000
6. Shorouk News: 501,000
7. ElDostour (Arabic): 482,000
8. 466,000
9. CBC Egypt: 447,000
10. Al Aan TV: 437,000

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