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''Shokran'' from Vodafone to all customers across Egypt

Vodafone continues granting a daily free hour for all Vodafone customers; giving each of them the chance to compliment any of their friends.
Vodafone Egypt | 25.09.2011
As part of its "Shokran" campaign launched at the beginning of Ramadan to acknowledge every person who contributes positively to his community, Vodafone continues granting a daily free hour for all Vodafone customers; giving each of them the chance to compliment any of their friends and loved ones by giving that person a free hour. This campaign is in line with Vodafone's belief in the importance of encouraging positive attitude and energy in the Egyptian society.

Engineer Hatem Dowidar, Vodafone Egypt CEO, expressed his gratitude to all Vodafone customers, who have exceeded 33 million. He added that Vodafone selected the word ''Shokran'' to be the slogan for its Ramadan campaign this year, out of its appreciation to the Egyptian people, and out of its belief that every Egyptian who takes a positive action to serve their community and people around them deserve a word of thanks and a gesture of gratitude.

Ahmed Essam, Consumer Business Unit Director, said that Vodafone wanted to give all its customers the opportunity to thank any person to whom they wish to express gratitude. Thus, Vodafone presented this Ramadan offer, which allows all its customers to give 30 free hours throughout Ramadan to those they love as a way of showing their love and gratitude for them during this holy month.

In addition, Engineer Tarek Hosny, Head of Marketing Communication at Vodafone Egypt, noted that Vodafone believes that positive attitudes should be encouraged to promote the development of the Egyptian society.

Hosny added that in addition to ''shokran” value offer, Vodafone also sponsors ''Shokran'' TV Show, presented by prominent actor Sherif Mounir. The idea of the show is about encouraging positive attitudes throughout the Egyptian society by offering four daily prizes, the first is worth 2000 pounds and is granted to anyone caught on camera while acting positively. The second prize, with the same amount, is granted to anyone working during Iftar time. The third which is also worth 2000 pounds is granted to a person who played a vital role in the life of his children, neighbourhood and community.

As for the fourth prize that amounts to 30 thousand Egyptian pounds, it goes to a winner selected by viewers. Sherif Mounir presents three touching stories of people who deserve to be thanked. The viewers choose the best story and vote on the show’s page on ''Facebook''. Subsequently, the story with the biggest number of votes wins the prize.