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Everything you need to know about Telecom Egypt new prepaid plans

Customers who signed in January are already in the new system, while migration of the rest landline customers started in March.
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  1. Telecom Egypt, the largest landline provider in the country, will replace its current billing system for 11 million landline customers by the end of 2023.

  2. The company is implementing a new prepaid plan system to replace the current outgoing billing system.

  3. Under the current billing system, customers pay a basic fixed bill every three months, in addition to the cost of calls and minutes.

  4. With the new prepaid system, customers will prepay a quarterly subscription fee, ranging from EGP 69 to EGP 232, for different limited plans.

  5. If customers exceed the limits of their prepaid plans, they will only be able to receive calls for a certain period. That's until they recharge their subscriptions to avoid line suspension.

  6. Telecom Egypt has already started applying the new prepaid system to new landline customers since January of 2023 and began migrating existing customers to the new system in March.

  7. As of now, two million customers have already been migrated to the new prepaid system out of the total 11 million customers.

  8. The new prepaid system gives customers greater control over their payment and consumption plans.

  9. Customers can manage their accounts through various digital channels, including monitoring their consumption, recharging their balances, and renewing their packages.

  10. The new system aims to integrate all services, allowing customers to access their mobile, fixed broadband, and fixed voice accounts in a similar manner.