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ITIDA Meets Local and International Call Center Companies

Mr. Yasser El- Kady, ITIDA CEO, announced that a working group will be formed to solve the current crisis.
The CEO of Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), Mr. Yasser El- Kady announced that a working group will be formed to solve the current crisis and to respond to emergency cases in connection with the business of outsourcing companies.

The announcement came in the meeting held with local and international companies to discuss the challenges facing the outsourcing sector. The meeting aimed at suggesting solutions and avoid such obstacles in the future.

During the Egyptian revolution, a survey has been conducted by ITIDA to identify the impact of the revolution on the companies performance.

According to the results of the survey, all employees are safe and sound. However, they
were unable to reach their workplaces due to the curfew.

The companies leaders stressed that the headquarters were not subject to any damage.
Some leaders stated that their financial revenues were affected as the working hours were reduced due to internet interruption.

As one of the main results of communications disconnection, internet interruption and
the curfew, some companies had to transfer its business from Egypt to other regional
centers depending on the applications and languages used in each center.

Mr. El-Kady announced that the working group will be led by (ITIDA), with members
from the ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), the National
Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA), Telecom Egypt, and representatives of
the companies.

The main mission of the working group is managing similar crises.In this perspective, an
operation room with interactive means of communication will be established to be used
in emergency cases.It was also agreed with the companies to establish an interactive means of communication via internet to ensure the stability of work under any circumstances.

Despite the political change in Egypt and the instability of the Egyptian economy during
the last few days, the Egyptian (ICT) sector occupied much of the interest of the international specialized media.

Most of the newspapers discussed the competitive advantages and the progress of Egypt in the (ICT) sector, especially that Egypt succeeded in attracting the investments of the leading international (IT) companies. They also tackled the internet interruption and its repercussions on the companies performance.

In an interview for Computer World website, Mr. Yasser El-Kady underlined that the (ICT)
sector is the most important catalyst to the Egyptian economy. He also confirmed that
the current crisis will end soon.

Mr. El- Kady pointed out that ITIDA has the will to implement plans for development as Egypt is the best and most appropriate country, not only in providing outsourcing and overseas services towards the European countries and the United States of America, but also in exporting (ICT) services to the region.

The media highlighted the massive investments pumped in the (ICT) sector, the human capacity building programmes and the package of incentives offered by (ITIDA) to encourage investments, thereby, benefiting the Egyptian economy and providing job vacancies.

According to the annual report of the international specialized consultancy “A.T.Kearney”, Egypt is ranked the fourth on the international level in providing (IT) services.

Aiming at supporting the (ICT) industry, ITIDA will launch an international campaign explaining the advantages of Egypt in this field in cooperation with the concerned bodies.