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10 thriving Egyptian brands amid boycott campaigns

As more Egyptians choose to buy local, several homegrown brands have seen significant growth, within the domestic market but also internationally.
© Spiro Spathis

In recent months, a notable shift in consumer behavior has led to a resurgence of support for Egyptian-made products. As more Egyptians choose to buy local, several homegrown brands have seen significant growth, not just within the domestic market but also on the international stage. This change is partially driven by recent boycott campaigns, but the underlying factor is a growing appreciation for the quality and innovation of Egyptian brands. Here, we highlight some of the top Egyptian brands that are thriving today.

1. Spiro Spathis: A Carbonated Success Story

Spiro Spathis has seen an impressive 350% increase in sales within the local market. This surge in demand follows a boycott of certain foreign carbonated drinks. The company’s commercial manager, Youssef Talaat, mentioned that operations are running continuously to meet the heightened demand. The brand, which prides itself on using entirely locally sourced raw materials, has also expanded its product line to include larger litre bottles. Spiro Spathis plans to establish its own factory to further boost production and continue its expansion into markets such as the UAE, Kuwait, and Lebanon.

2. Auf Egypt: Brewing Success in the Coffee Sector

Auf Egypt, a local coffee brand, has experienced a significant rise in sales, growing by 25-30% since the start of the boycott campaign. CEO Ahmed Auf emphasized that this growth offers a unique opportunity for local industries to meet consumer demand and enhance confidence in Egyptian products. The brand is expanding its production lines and exploring new export channels, positioning itself as a formidable competitor in the global coffee market.

3. Friday: Ice Cream Innovation

The local ice cream brand "Friday" has capitalized on the boycott of foreign products to secure a substantial share of the local market. Known for its diverse portfolio of 30 products, Friday is planning to construct a state-of-the-art factory to meet the increasing demand. The brand’s popularity among Egyptian consumers continues to rise, and it is also considering export opportunities to bring its treats to the international stage.

4. Dina Farms: Dairy Excellence

Dina Farms, established in the late 1980s, is one of Egypt's most renowned dairy brands. It produces a variety of dairy products, including milk, yogurt, and cheese, and is celebrated for its high-quality standards. The brand continues to innovate and grow, ensuring it remains a favorite among Egyptian consumers.

5. Juhayna Food Industries: A Household Name

Juhayna, founded in 1983, is a well-established Egyptian brand that produces dairy products, juices, and yogurt. The company has built a strong reputation for quality and reliability, making it a staple in many Egyptian homes. Juhayna’s ability to adapt and innovate has helped it maintain its market position and expand its product offerings.

6. Lamar Egypt: From Dairy to Juice

Originally created to produce high-quality milk, Lamar Egypt expanded into juice production in 2013. Known for its commitment to quality, Lamar has garnered a loyal customer base in both the dairy and juice markets. The brand continues to innovate and expand, meeting the evolving needs of Egyptian consumers.

7. Beyti: Diverse and Reliable

Beyti, a subsidiary of Almarai, is one of Egypt’s largest producers of milk, juice, and yogurt. The brand’s dedication to quality and innovation has made it a trusted name in Egyptian households. Beyti’s diverse product range and consistent quality have helped it maintain a strong market presence.

8. Hayat Water: Pure and Local

Hayat Water, produced by Al-Mansour Holding Company, is a popular choice among Egyptian consumers. Known for its purity and quality, Hayat Water has become a trusted name in the bottled water market. The brand’s commitment to maintaining high standards has ensured its continued success.

9. Bubblzz: Natural Hair and Skin Care

Bubblzz is a well-known Egyptian brand offering natural hair and skin care products. With a focus on quality and natural ingredients, Bubblzz has built a loyal customer base. The brand’s commitment to providing effective and natural solutions has made it a favorite among those seeking quality personal care products.

10. Nefertari: Celebrating Egyptian Heritage

Nefertari Skin Care offers a range of natural products inspired by ancient Egyptian beauty rituals. The brand’s dedication to using natural ingredients and traditional methods has earned it a dedicated following. Nefertari’s products are known for their quality and effectiveness, making it a standout in the Egyptian market.


The recent surge in support for local brands highlights a growing trend among Egyptian consumers to prioritize quality and locally-made products. Brands like Spiro Spathis, Auf Egypt, and Friday are leading the way, showcasing the innovation and excellence that "Made in Egypt" represents. This shift not only strengthens the domestic market but also positions Egyptian brands as formidable competitors on the global stage.