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Learn from Amazon, YouTube and TikTok how to boost your digital presence

It went from print to digital, then from text to image and now from image to video. If you want to have presence as a company, you have to use all.
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Amazon with live shopping

The new FAST channel from Amazon Live will offer live shopping around the clock with well-known creators and celebrities. This includes reality TV stars such as Lala Kent (“Vanderpump Rules”) and Paige DeSorbo (“Southern Charm”), who will also each launch their own original shows on Amazon Live. These shows are intended to provide fresh content and introduce viewers to new brands and products.
YouTube improves shopping

YouTube has recently introduced a number of shopping features to help creators showcase products, increase their revenue and compete with emerging competitors such as TikTok Shop. The new shopping features: “Shopping Collections”, “Affiliate Hub” and integration of “Fourthwall”.

Trump streams

The launch of Truth Social, a social media platform owned by Donald Trump's media company, marks a significant development in the digital space. The announcement to launch a live TV streaming platform sets it apart from traditional social networks. The plan is to focus on news networks, religious channels and content that has been suppressed on other platforms.
Scholz on TikTok

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz's entry into the world of TikTok has sparked a wave of discussion and controversy. His decision to use the platform despite ongoing privacy concerns has been both criticized and praised. While some see his move as innovative and necessary for accessing younger voters, privacy experts warn of the potential risks of such a presence on the platform.
GenZ searches differently

The way people search for information on the internet is changing. Google was once the undisputed number one in the search engine landscape, but now interest is increasingly shifting towards social media platforms, especially among the younger generation. According to various reports, there is a clear shift in search preference, particularly among Generation Z, who are increasingly using platforms such as YouTube and TikTok as their primary source of information.