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Google is changing search

The internet is about to change rapidly. Google answers search with AI. Websites are losing traffic and moving images are merging with advertising.
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Internet responds

Google has taken a significant step in the field of search technology with the introduction of ‘AI Overviews’. These AI-generated summaries are displayed directly in search results and are designed to provide users with comprehensive answers to their queries without having to visit other websites. This innovation is based on Google's latest multimodal AI model, Gemini, which can answer complex questions, such as searching for yoga studios with specific offerings near the user.
Phone talks

Truecaller, known for its innovative caller ID service, has announced a new feature developed in collaboration with Microsoft. This feature allows users to have calls answered in their own voice. This is made possible by utilising Microsoft's Personal Voice technology, which was launched in November as part of Azure AI Speech.

TV with TiVo

TiVo, a well-known company from the USA, has ambitious plans to conquer the global market for smart TVs and networked devices. This is to be achieved through the introduction of its own smart TV platform TiVo OS and an aggressive advertising strategy. TiVo OS is already being used in the new Panasonic W60A, which shows that the company is ready to compete with established platforms such as Android TV, Roku TV, LG webOS and Amazon Fire TV.
Netflix goes adtech

With an increase from five million to 40 million monthly active users worldwide within a year, Netflix's ad-supported plan is showing remarkable growth. To provide advertisers with an effective level of transparency and performance measurement, Netflix plans to partner with a number of companies, including Affinity Solutions, DoubleVerify, EDO Inc, Integral Ad Science, iSpotTV, Kantar, Lucid, NCSolutions, Nielsen and TVision. These partnerships will enable advertisers to measure and verify the impact of their campaigns, which is an important component of the effectiveness of advertising on the platform.
Microsoft builds PC

Microsoft announced a number of ground-breaking innovations for Windows and PCs at its annual Build developer conference. A key theme was the integration of AI into the operating system, with Microsoft unveiling Copilot+ PCs, which are equipped with dedicated AI chips and offer features such as recall.