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Why is Egypt going back to Daylight Saving?

After years of canceling daylight saving time, Egypt will apply it on 28 April. What are the reasons that made the government decide this?
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Egypt will implement daylight saving time (DST) starting on Friday, April 28 as the implementation was postponed till after Ramadan.

The DST will be in effect from the last Friday of April until the end of the last Thursday of October, extending the time by one hour. But why after years of canceling DST did Egypt consider reinstating it?

The decision is related to Egypt's efforts to rationalize energy use and alleviate economic pressure amid difficult conditions. The Ministry of Electricity released a report, which estimated that implementing DST will save about LE147.21 million ($9.4 million) and contribute to saving about US$25 million in gas used for electricity production.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ratified Law No. 24 of 2023 regarding DST in April, following the Cabinet's approval of the draft law.

The report issued by the Ministry of Electricity listed the benefits of the system, which include cost savings which are estimated to be about EGP147.21 million, as well as saving US$25 million in gas used for electricity production. Overall, saving one percent of electricity consumption is projected to save about $150 million annually.