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Egypt digital status: October statshot

E-commerce in Egypt makes 1.8% of the GDP. Mobile internet speed is among the lowest in the world at 24.4 Mbps, while fixed internet is at 44Mbps.
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We are social and Hootsuite released their October Global Statshot report for Digital in 2021, that looks at mobile, internet, social media and e-commerce stats across the world. Here are the main highlights regarding Egypt.

  1. 71.9% of Egyptians use the internet.
  2. Mobile internet speed is among the lowest in the world at 24.4 Mbps, while fixed internet speed is at an average of 44 Mbps.
  3. 5% of internet users in Egypt use voice assistant to find information.
  4. 3% of internet users in Egypt use image recognition tools on mobile.
  5. Only 17.9% of internet users watch vlogs and only 13.5% listen to podcasts.
  6. 83% of Egyptian internet users play video games.
  7. 9% use online translation tools.
  8. Only 13.6% of Egyptian internet users use online financial services, among the lowest 4 countries in the world.
  9. Only 7% have a smart home device.
  10. 23% of Egyptian internet users check health symptoms online.
  11. 27% are worried about the use of their personal data online.
  12. 4% use VPN.
  13. 4% follow influencers on social media.
  14. Around half the internet users in Egypt use social media for brand research.
  15. 34% use Mobile video calls.
  16. 20% use social media for work.
  17. Egypt is number 10 globally in Facebook ad reach with 48 million users.
  18. And number 15 globally in Youtube reach with 40 million users.
  19. In Instagram Egypt is 19th with 16 million users, 7th in Facebook messenger with 37 million, 12th in TikTok with 19 million, 10th in snapchat with 12.7 million users, 18th in Twitter with 5.2 million users
  20. Egypt is NOT among top countries in ad reach and LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  21. Egyptian internet users ranked among bottom 3 countries in online purchases and mobile commerce.
  22. 18% of Egyptian users order groceries online.
  23. E-commerce in Egypt makes 1.8% of the GDP.

On the global level, the main takes were that mobile phone users are increasing rapidly, surpassing two thirds of the world population.

62% of the world are using the internet, recording an increase of 220million users in 1 year. Social media users reached 4.55 billion with an increase rate of 1 billion users per day.