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Startup Economy in Egypt is growing

An interview with editor in chief of Bloomberg reveals how Egyptian entrepreneurs' passion is driving the startup scene in Egypt.
Editor in chief of Bloomberg Businessweek Tech Issue Ellen Pollock discussed the startup scene in Cairo and how it is continuing to grow despite the difficult environment.

Pollock praised especially Fab Lab Egypt is a digital fabrication community space founded in 2012. It's a part of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Fab Lab global network "where anyone can make anything".

Fab Lab offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators to get together and share ideas and knowledge.

Pollock discussed how tech scene in Egypt has been growing since the uprising in 2011 which she referred to as the "Twitter revolution". She said that young people are learning to code because they have passion.

Entrepreneurs in Egypt need passion to drive them as they have to exert a great effort to get funding in a general atmosphere that is not safe to start projects.
See the full interview here.