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Orange places Egypt equal to Belgium in gender Equality

Orange becomes the first operator in Egypt tow in this award, rising up to European standards of Gender Equality.
Orange Egypt is the first telecom operator in Egypt to acquire the GEEIS certification among other operators. The certificate is valid for 4 years, with a follow up audit to be held in 2 years’ time.

Orange Egypt reached the second level out of three levels in its first time audit, which places Egypt at the same level as other countries of the group, namely Poland, Romania, Spain, and Belgium. This certification gave Orange Egypt the opportunity to objectively recognize its HR policies and programs that already are including gender equality principles even though there are no obligations by the local laws. Orange

Egypt is the first telecom entity from the AMEA region to be certified GEEIS, which proves that Orange Egypt has mature HR processes and practices. Moreover, this certification is integrated in the strategic plan Essentials 2020 in the dimension titled Human and Responsible Employer.

“This is a great achievement for Orange,” Stéphane Richard, Orange Chairman & CEO said “We believe it’s by getting men involved that we’ll achieve equal opportunity and equal rights for both men and women”.
Sherif Hanna, Orange Egypt Chief People & Compliance Officer, Human Resources & Corporate Support said, “Diversity & Inclusion is the key to competitive edge. At the end of the day we don’t see gender, we recognize talent.”
This certification reinforces the strong image of Orange Egypt in the local market. It ensures a place where everybody is welcome and is also encouraged to follow their career path and achieve their full potential no matter what gender they are. The certification also reinforces Orange Egypt’s commitment to attract potential workforce and discover hidden talents and competencies of all its employees alike