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EMC introduces new federation Business Data Lake solution

The Federation Business Data Lake will be offered in Directed Availability in April 2015 with General Availability in select countries.
EMC2 | 11.04.2015
EMC Corporation announced the Federation Business Data Lake. The fully engineered solution includes leading storage and Big Data analytic technologies from EMC Information Infrastructure, Pivotal, and VMware to help customers leverage the new world of Big Data, thereby clearing the path for new insights and disruptive differentiation.

The announcement comes as the incredible potential of Big Data continues to be driven first and foremost by the growth of data from traditional applications, modern applications, sensors and intelligent devices along with masses of new public data such as social media feeds.

The ability to capture and process that data is now possible because of the growth of inexpensive storage and limitless compute, along with the invention of new technologies that enable real-time analysis and a direct connection to action through new applications and products.

Business Data Lakes are fast becoming a top corporate priority as they seen to fill a critical gap left by traditional data warehousing. A Business Data Lake contains structured and unstructured data from a wide variety of sources and the analytics are focused on building models to predict the future.

Companies with successful Data Lakes are leveraging the data and predictive models to build new products, applications and business models to redefine their industry, taking or extending the market leader role.

Implemented in as little as seven days , the Federation Business Data Lake greatly simplifies the massively complex task of building a Data Lake and is designed for speed, self-service and scalability for the enterprise, enabling organizations to begin making better-informed business decisions using Big Data analytics.

“While surging data growth and easy availability of storage and analytics technologies in the region continue to drive the case for big data analytics, enterprises need a simplified solution that allows them to integrate disparate sources of data while enabling personalized analytics, in near real time to allow organizations to glean predictive insights from this date to deliver more personal experiences for customers and drive a competitive advantage. Through this announcement, we aim to help our customers significantly simplify the deployment of a fully engineered, enterprise grade data lake solution combining best of breed technologies from EMC, VMware and Pivotal together with industry leading service portfolios to successfully establish and execute their big data strategy.” said Mohamed Talaat, Regional Managing Director Saudi Arabia, Turkey,Egypt and Libya at EMC Corporation.

Core products from the EMC Federation of Companies, EMC Information Infrastructure, Pivotal and VMware,provide the core functionality of the Federation Business Data Lake meeting the critical functional needs - Store, Analyze, Surface and Act.

The analytics layer is completely virtualized with VMware running on Vblocks® with predefined analytics use cases and automated provisioning and configuration. EMC®Isilon® provides the Data Lake Storage Foundation, while the analytics layeris comprised of the Pivotal Big Data Suite, includingPivotalHD, featuring the world’s leading SQL-on-Hadoop engine, HAWQ. EMC is also delivering two additional Business Data Lakes to enable integration with customer choice of Hadoop distribution including Cloudera and Hortonworks, along with any future Open Data Platform-based Hadoop distribution.

A full suite of services and education is available with the Federation Business Data Lake to enable customers at varying stages of their Data Lake journey, including:

• EMC Technology Onboarding Service: offers full consulting services to install and deploy the Federation Business Data Lake, optimize the analytics environment and configure and customize data requirements for customers who are ready to deploy a Data Lake.

• EMC Proof of Value Service: demonstrates the ROI of a targeted use case using real customer data to help customers implement the latest big data analytic and rapid application development tools and techniques

• EMC Big Data Vision Workshop: the EMC Big Data Vision Workshop analyzes an organization’s strategy, business goalsand then prioritizes a target use case for the start of its Big Data journey.

• Education Services: offers training and certification to develop fundamental as well as advanced Big Data and Data Science understanding and skills required by business leaders and Big Data practitioners.

The Federation Business Data Lake will be offered in Directed Availability in April 2015 with General Availability in select countries. The Federation Business Data Lake joins the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution as a converged solution from the EMC Federation that will redefine infrastructure to maximize the speed and agility for IT organizations deploying Hybrid Clouds and Data Lakes.