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Three Youth appointed as ICT Minister aides

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy has appointed 3 young distinguished aides to Minister.
1- Sherif El-Ghazaly, aide to Minister for human capacity building. He is assigned to develop the Ministry’s strategies in human capacity building through setting human resources goals in line with its regulatory objectives. He undertakes research about the challenges facing human resources and contributing with information and required analysis while presenting recommendations to implement strategic thinking in order to develop human resources.

2- Marian Amir Azer, aide to Minister for strategic initiatives. She takes charge of studies and researchers to develop policies and strategic initiatives in certain fields.

3- Mohamed Saleh, aide to Minister to promote innovative solutions of start-ups in the government sector. He is responsible for supporting ICT companies; develop its capabilities to reach local and international markets. This shall positively affect IT exports to the international markets and maximize start-ups innovations to provide solutions that help improve the government performance.

The decision comes in compliance with the Prime Minister decree no. 1592 for 2014 to appoint a number of young distinguished employees to assist ministers and participate at the suggestion of policies and strategies aiming to develop different State’s sectors, follow-up on activities and projects, set innovative solutions to face challenges.

An evaluation is to take place every six months as well as a preparation of annual reports over their performance to be submitted to the Prime Minister.

Right after the PM decree, Helmy formed an internal committee of MCIT leaders, including: the First Undersecretary and Head of Minister Bureau and Administrative Development Sector, Gen Magdy Metwaly Abdel-Rahman Hegazy, First Deputy to Minister Dr Noha Adly, ITIDA CEO Hussein El-Gueretly, and Advisor to Minister for Institutional Development Ghada Labib, to select aides to minister as per the PM decree standards.

The number of applicants for the position from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and its affiliates reached about 52. They undertook a number of tests and exercises, which began with English language testing, implemented by Berlitz Company. 13 out of 46 passed the lower class (75%).

This was followed by a second test in behavioral and managerial skills. It was implemented by a human resources experts committee, headed by the former Minister of Communications Hany Mahmoud through meeting with the group that has passed the first test. The committee had to choose 4 out of 12 candidates.

Then the third test in technical skills and overall evaluation: the Committee formed according to the Ministerial Resolution no. 612 interviewed the four candidates and choose three of them for the post of aide to Minister.

Helmy shall meet with his three aides next Sunday, in their first meeting after being assigned to their new missions.