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Off with those lights: Energy trouble drives innovation

A new online platform helps consumers track energy consumption as electricity costs climb.
Mada Masr | 26.12.2014
When the lights come back on after a lengthy power cut, it's almost tradition to hear cheers of "el-noor geh" (the lights are back) echoing repeatedly from the neighborhood’s children, or maybe even yourself if you're feeling particularly playful.

It's a bit of a game, or at least it used to be, until power cuts became more frequent and severe over the past year, peaking this summer. These cheers have since been muted, replaced with mounting frustration and, at best, a bored roll of the eye.

Today, however, two website developers are giving a different meaning to the phrase with a new online platform they call "El-Noor Geh."

The website aims to raise awareness on electricity usage by using interactive tools to help people track their consumption, whether it's a household or business, and essentially telling consumers that even if the lights are on, it doesn't mean you should keep them on.

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