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Samsung revives linguistic pride with region-wide campaign

The Samsung Galaxy Note series highlights how technology can enable rather than hinder the legacy of the Arabic written word with the Biqalam Arabi campaign.
Samsung Corporation | 04.12.2014
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., inspired by the region’s long standing history and passion for the Arabic language, launched the Biqalam Arabi campaign in June this year. Biqalam Arabi – literally translated as By an Arabic Pen – is a campaign that calls attention to the inherent beauty of the Arabic language, especially the organic, free-flowing nature of handwritten Arabic text. The gradual erosion of the written word, especially in Arabic, is becoming evident in an age where typing is second nature.

“When we first launched the Biqalam Arabi campaign, our main objective was to raise awareness and prevent the Arabic language from fading in this digital age. By bringing together 22 countries and uniting hundreds of millions of Arabic speakers through one feature, we positioned users at the heart of its technology, where they expressed their passion for the Arabic language,” said Seung-ho Yun, Managing Director of Samsung Electronics Egypt. “We are happy to see that this campaign generated positive content, where users could let their words flow from the tip of the pen they have owned for so long.”

With the Arabic handwriting recognition feature in the Note Series, Samsung’s S-Pen easily digitizes written Arabic words through the Arabic Writing Recognition feature. Users can enter text via any Note application and instantly share what matters most in their mother tongue. Moreover, the S-Pen with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 allows users to write Arabic in a fountain or calligraphy font, thus providing a genuine writing experience.

The dedicated website for the Biqalam Arabi campaign provided a forum where users can express their love and appreciation for the Arabic Language. With the hashtag #بقلم_عربي (Biqalam Arabi), the website and social media platforms gathered the interest of over three hundred thousand Arabic speakers and registered over 7,021 expressions of love, reveling in the beauty of Arabic poetry, quotes, and musings reflective of the language’s rich literary history.

“Arabic is more than just a language, it’s a culture that is getting challenged by today’s digitization and we approached this by understanding our Arabic user’s identity. Thousands of visits to the Biqalam Arabi dedicated website were recorded, marking a growing interest from social media savvy MENA consumers to take their pride in their language with them as they march ahead in the increasingly globalized, fast-paced, and hyper connected era,” Seung-ho Yun added.

“Appreciating the significance of Arabic is a strong desire that resonates in our region. At Samsung, we prioritize bringing products to the heart of our consumers’ wants and needs, and powered by the Note series, preserving Arabic in the everyday context is now available at the tip of an S-Pen.”