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Samsung and Ministry of Youth sign agreement

Minister of Youth and Sports and President of Samsung Electronics Egypt sign protocol of agreement to upgrade and develop IT labs in youth centers.
Samsung Corporation | 24.08.2014
Samsung Electronics Egypt, a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, recently launched a corporate social responsibility initiative in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports targeting young adults by funding and supplying equipment to 40 computer labs in 40 youth centers in 12 governorates all around Egypt. Building on the success of previous campaigns, Samsung shows its support for future generations by providing them with IT labs that will include laptops, LFDs, air conditioners and printers, as they aim to offer wider choices and greater access to information. The initiative is in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports, who will provide certified trainers and grant authorized certificates for trainees.

“Samsung believes that supporting the progression and development of this generation's skills through a solid infrastructure and access to technology is the first step to shaping a community’s future" stated Seung-ho Yun, President of Samsung Electronics Egypt. “We are constantly working to create programs that support learning experiences through the use of Samsung’s technology which will give the youth access to a world of knowledge to improve their learning and education process in order to provide them with a greater opportunity for blooming on many levels. By showing our support for future generations we are voting for a better future for those young adults."