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INNOVATE Unlocks Financial Burdens and Brings in Innovation in Business Productivity

The recently announced program INNOVATE™ meets the current challenges within the Egyptian business market.
Mindpedia | 25.03.2012
MINDPEDIA (, the innovative training provider has launched its unique corporate training program - INNOVATE™; supporting the Egyptian business sector and boosting productivity in workplace.

The recently announced program; INNOVATE™ meets the current challenges within the Egyptian business market by bringing in compelling set of 10s of professional training courses cross various sectors and industries; combined with mentoring and consultancy activities - offered at low-cost and in installments.

"This unfrequented toward the Egyptian business sector, to help businesses to raise up in strength among current challenges. MINDPEDIA Professional Trainers Network (PTN) is fully engaged by securing 10s of high-end training programs at very low case and in installments.

INNOVATE programs are interactive, practical and fully based on real-life examples" - Nabil Mawla, MINDPEDIA - Chairman.

MINDPEDIA is leading know-transfer firm with more than 15 years of solid experience; providing wide-set of services to boost productivity and bring in innovation at workplace.