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Top 10 event organizers in Egypt

Dive into the vibrant fabric of Egypt's events organization landscape, where opportunities abound and innovation thrives. Here are the top 10 players.
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In the vibrant landscape of event organization in Egypt, 2024 has already seen remarkable milestones. The Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF), now in its 13th edition, epitomizes the celebration of African creativity and cinematic excellence. Set against the backdrop of Luxor's historic sites, the festival promises a cultural extravaganza with 42 films from 33 African countries. Under the theme "Africa in All Colors," the festival's opening ceremony at the Luxor Temple adds a touch of grandeur, showcasing not only the diversity of African cinema but also the rich heritage of Egypt itself. Moreover, the Grand Egyptian Museum recently honored the iconic Umm Kulthum with a centennial birthday concert, a tribute to one of the greatest singers in Arab history. Partnering with RMC Worldwide, the museum orchestrated an enchanting evening featuring renowned Egyptian vocalists, paying homage to Umm Kulthum's enduring legacy and her profound influence on music and culture.

As Egypt positions itself as a hub for investment and economic collaboration, the European Union's partnership underscores the country's strategic importance on the global stage. With plans for an investment conference in the spring, the EU aims to showcase Egypt's potential to European and international investors. This collaborative effort between the EU and the Egyptian government not only highlights the mutual commitment to fostering economic growth but also signifies Egypt's attractiveness as an investment destination. As discussions unfold to define the conference's objectives, the substantial investment pledges underscore the confidence in Egypt's economic prospects. With initiatives like these, Egypt continues to assert its position as a dynamic and inviting destination for cultural enrichment and economic opportunity alike.
CompanyFoundedCompany description
1991Egytec is a consultancy firm, specializing in electrical power, energy industries, digital identity, management and information security.
2008We are a multi-faceted event planning and production company. Whether it’s a product launch, a corporate trade show we are here to help.
2003Origin IMS manages all direct marketing activities including communication with smart solutions that are supported by knowledge and quality.
1995Exhibitions organizers, advertising, translating and printing.
2013RiseUp is a platform that connects startups to the most relevant resources, worldwide.
2004A pioneer of fast growing and vibrant exhibition industry, AGEX is Egypt's top organizer of trade events.
1998We are a full-stack digital marketing agency providing strategy and execution marketing for brands.
2005byGanz is one of the most prestigious events management companies in Egypt.
1986We deliver world-class trade shows bringing together exhibitors, investors, delegates, and government representatives
1998The Biggest Exhibition and Conference for water and wastewater Technologies in the MEA Region. Held from 15 May 2023 to 17 May 2023
2016IEREK is a best international institution, helps in spreading knowledge in all fields of science and manage conferences.

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