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Education and Training industry in Egypt

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  • Egypt advances in emerging economies university ranking

    Suez Canal University is the highest ranked Egyptian University followed by The American University then Mansura University.

    21.01.2019 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Egypt launches fashion and design council

    Fatma Ghaly, Marie-Louis Bishara, Abdelmalek shamsi and Paul Antaki are among the founding members.

    21.05.2018 | Egypt Business Directory

  • EBD Economics: What is Monetarism?

    Monetarism was adopted by Ronald Reagan in the USA to deal with high levels of inflation, but do you know what it is?

    15.04.2018 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Beni-Suef University the best in Egypt

    9 Egyptian universities are among the top 31 universities in the Arab world, ranked by Times World Universities ranking.

    25.03.2018 | Egypt Business Directory

  • 40 Egyptian universities compete for first place in ENACTUS

    The winner will have the opportunity to compete in the World Cup competition in England to implement a community oriented project.

    22.05.2017 | Egypt Business Directory

  • Research and Development need to be Egypt's priority

    The whole Arab world contributes less than 1% to the global expenditure on research and development.

    20.06.2016 | Egypt Business Directory

  • The Education-Employment Channel: The Proper Way Out

    Our very own expert, Alaa A. Rahman talks about a much needed investment. The investment in education.

    18.04.2016 | Alaa A. Rahman

  • 15 Egyptians among most influential Arabs

    Among the 100 names there were 15 Egyptians of different industries and ages who are considered some of the most influential Arabs.

    04.04.2016 | Egypt Business Directory

  • SDEC Kicks off sustainable development in Egypt

    SDEC brings global industry leaders together to deliver sustainable developments for future generations.

    14.03.2016 | ROOT Technologies

  • Egypt's winners of Women in Business award

    CIB, P&G and Zeinab Hashem are among the winners. The award is presented by the American Chambers of commerce MENA council.

    09.03.2016 | Egypt Business Directory