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What can you do with ChatGPT?

Webinar 19.03.2023

In this week's digital news, Dr. Torsten Schwarz shares 5 tips for using ChatGPT, how LinkedIn offers help, Duolingo teaches languages, and more.

Reading texts and images

This is one of the abilities of ChatGPT version 4. Version 3.5 before did not have this possibility. Now, how do you get access to ChatGPT? Either through the website, which is not available in Egypt. So you go via Microsoft, Microsoft Bing, the search engine, also has access to the latest version 4.0 and this version is not only a language model but it's a multi-modal model that means it can read images, can interpret infographics, it can look into your freezer, into your fridge and then it presents you the recipes you can cook with what you have in your fridge.
It can make exams, bar examiners, and lawyers had this exam and ChatGPT 3.5 did it and it was bad. It was among the worst 10% of the examined persons. Version 4 learned a lot in the last several months, and now it's in the top 10%. So every exam you can do with ChatGPT and you can make your tax declaration.
What does it mean for you as a company? Train your employees in the usage of artificial intelligence in daily life.

5 tips for you for ChatGPT

Tip number one, use it for your holiday planning. If you've got one day in Luxor, check out what to do on ChatGPT. So, artificial intelligence is good, it's amazing, but it has limitations. But you can use it if you need to write a letter. For example, if you want to cancel your gym, it will write a nice letter personally to that gym. You just have to answer the name of the gym. Product research is very good. If you want to buy a robotic lawn mover and mower and don't know anything about these things, just try it out. Research, brainstorming, and proofreading, of course. And this is especially important when you are writing in a language you don't know, it will give you perfect text.

What can we learn as companies? Share experience within your company and tell your employees to use artificial intelligence and to share that knowledge.

LinkedIn offers help

Yes, LinkedIn belongs to Microsoft and they have ChatGPT version 4 as an AI-assisted writing suggestion.
That means if you want to have your profile descriptions a little bit nicer, use it with the AI of LinkedIn. And if you want to improve your postings, you can also use it for that and it will offer you easy help.
What does that mean for companies? Use AI to answer customer questions, product advice, and recommendations. It's a perfect tool.

Duolingo teaches languages.

The language teaching program Duolingo has in its paid version is $30 per month GPT inside. There are two things, role play and explain my answer. Explain my answer is clear, and role-play is interesting. That means you got a bot, you can choose between different bots and then you talk to them. Conversational dialogue is what they call it and so you have daily conversations with your bot and you learn a lot. Training programs that are fun are the thing you get from it as a company. Teach your employees, make them better, and use AI for that.

DuckDuckGo is getting serious.

The search engine, DuckDuckGo, got something which is called DuckAssist, which means an AI search tool. But it's not like ChatGPT taking everything, but only verified information from Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia Britannica. You got an ask button when there is a keyword where they know something about it and they will tell you everything they know.
What does it mean for you as a company? In the future, there will be programs that enable your employees to get information about your company to include it in emails, in letters, in whatever. And this availability of company information is absolutely important in the future.

Siri remains dumb.
We are talking about artificial intelligence. We are using ChatGPT. We are getting used to working with Bing and getting an intelligent answers. But the only thing we are talking about is our voice assistant. And the voice assistant remains dumb. He doesn't know anything about AI. The questions are sometimes wrong and sometimes they say I don't know. John Berkey who developed Siri, he worked with the Siri advanced development group from 2014 to 2016 he said it's a clunky code and cumbersome design of that software and so there will be never a chance, according to him, to include artificial intelligence with this voice assistant.
He founded in 2016 Brighton AI. It's an AI voice assistant software. Hopefully, it's working better.
Voice assistants for you as a company are important, for example, for your sales team when they are on the way to the customer, talking to your voice assistant and learn a lot from this voice assistant.

Torsten Schwarz
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Digital marketing expert and author of 25+ books, is an online marketing guru in Germany, known for starting one of the world's first web servers.