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Are we human or AI?

Webinar 12.03.2023

Humans are the next big thing. Tesla robot becomes humanoid. Radio GPT replaces its presenters and Aleph Alpha builds an AI champion here in Germany.

Humans are the next big thing

Fake profiles, as you all know them as trolls who distribute fake news, behind that are often human beings, but in future it will be replaced by AI. Sam Altman is the co-founder and former CEO of open AI, and he founded some years ago his own company called Worldcoin, because he thought it's important to have a global ID. He also introduced a currency and payment system with an app. So how does this work? You do an iris scan to identify you 100% And then this information is hashed and works with the so-called zero knowledge proof to provide as little information as possible about you to verify that the person you're talking to is really a real person, not AI.
What does it mean for us as companies? We'll start with the easiest thing first, count your website visitors and see if it's bots or it's human beings and the same applies for your newsletter.

Tesla robot becomes humanoid

Elon Musk’s robot called Optimus is walking better than before. A video in September 2022 showed him and he was stumbling and not really doing so well. Now he is working better. Elon Musk says the ratio of robots to humans will be more than one to one. That means each one of us has one or several robots, to work for us and help us in daily jobs.

What does that mean for companies? Boston Dynamics has a robot called Spot that costs only 70,000 US dollars, but buy one and if it's too expensive for you then go to XGO Mini. It's the same and small as a dog and costs only 550 euro to get some experience with working with robots.

Radio GPT replaces presenters

The moderators of a radio show will be replaced by computers and Futuri from Ohio is the software company who does this radio software. It has news announcements, music, and news. A social content system called topic plus sees what regional news and local news are interesting and it turns them into text.
So what does that mean for you as a company? Set up your own radio station. It's affordable, for example, for tourism information, and it works in several languages. So if you're a hotel, you have your own radio station, in all main languages

Aleph alpha alpha builds AI champion,

There's a competitor for Open AI, a small company from Heidelberg, CEO and owner Jonas Andrulis said that the company already makes millions with AI, but they're concentrated on b2b and nobody talks about them. He has an AI language model called luminous and it's as powerful as ChatGPT. The algorithm works with his own systems, that means you don't have to get the data outside. And so for you, as a company, it might be important to set up your own knowledge base and to make that knowledge base available to your customers, to service centres and to customer support.

Bing answers creatively

$10 billion dollars were spent by Microsoft on open AI to make the AI more powerful. And now they got three buttons, you can press more creative, that means if you're an entertainment world, you can get a more creative version of the info, or you can say I want to have an accurate, precise, quick answer to my question, so you press more accurate, and in the middle, there is moderate.You can decide if you want to have a long answer or short answer. And so all you want you will get the one being all the answers by machine and not by a human.
What do we learn as companies? We have to collect our experience with ChatGPT, with Bing and with everything that has to do with AI because it is going to be a revolution. What AI can already do now and we'll do in the future.

Torsten Schwarz
Egypt Business Directory

Digital marketing expert and author of 25+ books, is an online marketing guru in Germany, known for starting one of the world's first web servers.