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The chatbots are coming!

Webinar 05.03.2023

Snap launched a chatbot, Meta is building one, Elon Musk plans on AI chat, ChatGPT can recognizes languages now, and open AI will have an API.

It's not only Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Bixby but new virtual assistants with artificial intelligence integrated are coming. Snap launched a chatbot, Meta is building one, Elon Musk plans on AI chat, ChatGPT can recognizes languages now, and open AI will have an API.

Snap launches a chatbot

My AI is the name of the new product. It's based on Open AI’s model ChatGPT4, that means the newest model which is also integrated with Microsoft, it's still in experimental status, but you can use it if you're a customer of Snapchat plus, that means $4 a month for this service. But therefore, you get the answers to all of your questions.
What does this mean for you as a company? Answer your customer questions in a support forum on your website, Collect all these questions in the future, You will answer these questions with artificial intelligence.

Meta builds a chatbot

Generative AI means you can answer any question with the knowledge your system has. Mark Zuckerberg announced that he will build a new top level product group that will be integrated in WhatsApp and Messenger. That means you can ask these chat bots any question; and if you integrate this on your website, you can answer sales questions and you can answer customer support questions. A small enterprise will have the same opportunities that big companies have, delivering content is the most important thing, and content means questions your customers want to have answered, and this is what you can integrate into WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Elon Musk plans on AI chat

Elon Musk co-founded open AI in 2015 as a nonprofit organisation, but now he's not so happy with it, it’s too woke for him, so he wants to have his own AI chat. He talked to different AI researchers and approached them to work with him. The new research lab is to develop an alternative to ChatGPT.
What does it mean for you as a company? monitor your advertising environments. Twitter is not so nice for some companies. TikTok is also problematic, especially in Egypt.

Chat GPT recognises languages

Open AI launched Whisper API. It's an API to this whisper model, a speech to text model and has been trained on 6800 hours of lingual data. Of course, most of the data is in English, some is in German, and unfortunately very little is in Arabic. It can understand accents and has no problem with background noise.
So what does it mean for you as a company? On your website, let your customer ask questions, in English, it's already possible and in Arabic it will come in the future. Collect all the answers and let them ask with voice so they don't need to type anything on any keyboard.

Open AI brings an API

Open AI has in December already 100 million users, and now it's even more. Everybody is trying our ChatGPT these days, and now they have to pay for all this, all this digital traffic is expensive. So they developed a product for b2c, it's the premium service of ChatGPT and it's called plus for 20 euro per month. This is too expensive, though and there are very few customers. So they thought of another idea, b2b. They designed a product, for apps, websites, products, or services, and you can integrate this API into your website and answer the questions on your website. So you have your own Chat Gpt. And it's affordable. It costs 0.2 cent per 100 tokens which are 750 words, so it's much less than a cent to answer a question. It's much cheaper than a call centre.
What does it mean for you as a company? First thing we can learn from that: Don't always think of b2c business models, but think of b2b as an alternative to b2c. And secondly, use that interface. Try it out, it will come, it will be normal in the future that on any website,

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Torsten Schwarz
Absolit Consulting

Author of 25 books and one of Germany's leading digital marketing experts. He is keynote speaker and giving seminars and workshops.