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Content is King

Webinar 26.02.2023

In this week’s podcast, Tik Tok brings topics, WhatsApp has on the newsletter. Spotify comes with a DJ and the European Union wants to ban chatGPT.

News instead of Instagram

The creators Kevin Systrom, with 8 million followers and Mike Krieger with 5 million followers, founded artifact a software company and an app which gives personalised news to the public. It started in January with 160,000 signings but was a bit complicated because you needed a US telephone number now it's public, and you can just download the app, choose between 10 types of topics and then AI determines what is interesting for you. AI learns from the way you click from what you are interested in, it learns and continuously delivers you only the news which you are interested in.
What does that mean for a company? develop a content strategy trying to produce content not only like you do for social media, like nice pictures, but quality content and tagged content, in order to have news.

Tik Tok brings topics

Following you is one thing and for you is the other thing, these two buttons, they will not be replaced. But there will be additional four buttons, sports, fashion, gaming and food, and the AI decides what is in which channel so you get specialised topics in tech talk. And maybe in the future, they even catch your mood and provide you exactly the kind of videos you want to hear and see right now.
What does that mean for you as a company? try to develop a content plan, produce the content for the different social media and other channels and do tagging also that means put the keywords like sports, fashion, gaming, food, in the video.

WhatsApp with a newsletter

WhatsApp has been experimenting with newsletters for a long, long time. First for companies it didn't really work, and now it has a feature, which is a private newsletter tool. It's similar to what Instagram developed, the one to many tool for broadcasting I was telling about this last week, and now it's with a newsletter tool, where you can send a message to all your friends. It's right now only in the Google Play better programme but it's going to come.
What does that mean for you as a company? Do you know what corporate ambassadors are? It's people in your company who are better with social media than the average, and trying to teach them how to use social media even better, in order to also deliver the information your company provides. They are the ambassadors of your company.

Spotify with DJ

Now there are curated selections of music based on artificial intelligence and on people. And the new thing is now for these channels. There are AI powered spoken commentaries, so it's like a radio station, where somebody is announcing the songs you're gonna hear.
What does that mean for you, as a company? Be prepared to have AI work with the content you deliver as a company. Try
to produce content, not only for the search engines, but also specially for AI, which then takes this content to give it to others.

European Union wants to ban ChatGPT
The reason is simple because there are problems with the sources, they don't say what the sources of this information are, so it could be a problem of fake news. And this is going to be solved by others. Google always cites the sources of their knowledge, and it is very important that you don't just rob that knowledge, and this is why the European Union wants to ban chatGPT because they don't declare what are the sources of the information. But it's not only chatGPT, we also have Microsoft with Bing, the search engine and edge the browser, these will use the modern version of ChatGPT 4 instead of 3, and they will also be citing the sources. This is very important to differentiate real news from fake.

Torsten Schwarz
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