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What can AI do?

Webinar 06.02.2023

Maybe the questions should be what can't AI do? AI can do everything from programming, to composing music, creating content & waging wars.

AI can do everything, it helps programming, it is used to compose music by Google, Buzzfeed is using it to go viral, AI writes emails, debunks texts, debunks voices and even wages war.

AI in Programming

The coding skills of OpenAI app’s ChatGPT are not yet fully developed, they know that at Open AI and they engaged 1000 programmers from different countries to train AI to write good code.
What does that mean for you as a company? You can use ChatGPT for coding and programming, but watch out for code copyright. It’s always better to have your own human coders.

Google uses AI to compose music

Google has a product called MusicLM, that can convert text into music. Basically, you can give it directions or descriptions of what you want and it will make you this music. There are several apps out there that do the same, like Jukebox and Dance Diffusion open, but none of them, not even Google are releasing these apps. The quality is not great, there is limited training data and too many risks.

What can you learn from this? You can use AI to create a jingle for advertising, but watch out for copyrights.

Buzzfeed uses AI to go viral

Buzzfeed is a website that creates content to go viral, It’s mostly clickbait but they are doing it well. Now they are using AI for quiz questions and personalized content to go viral on social media.
What can you learn from this? Try out different software products which can make your text better, but use your own ideas and improve on them. Don't use AI to be creative

AI writes emails

Will Allred and William Ballance used to work from a hotel lobby on their app sorter, which then they pivoted to Lavender which uses AI to write marketing emails.
The app uses machine learning and behavioral psychology to create great sales and marketing emails that generate more open and click rates.

What can you learn from this? Use professional software for your email marketing, work with specialists who know what they are doing.

AI debunks texts

Open AI has a text classifier, which can identify what texts are AI generated and which are human, right now it’s not so good, as only 26% of the texts have been debunked successfully. 9% of texts created by humans were detected as robot generated and they were not.

What can you learn from this? Be careful with AI generated texts, it’s better to use your employees and teach them how to write really good texts.

AI debunks voices

Voices can be reproduced with the help of AI, and a company called Elevenlabs just got into trouble for badly using AI voices.
The company’s software was used to make Emma Watson read texts from Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” among other racist, violent or bullying content.

What can you learn from this? Watch out with artificial voices, use your own voice and you can reproduce it in an artificial way, but with care.

AI wages wars

Palantir is a data analysis software that is used for the alignment of tanks and artillery in Ukraine. They use the software to watch for troop movements of the Russian army by analyzing satellites and social networks and give recommendations for the military.
What can you learn? In marketing, you need to analyze markets, use any data you can get, data-driven marketing is the marketing of the future.

Torsten Schwarz
Egypt Business Directory

Digital marketing expert and author of 25+ books, is an online marketing guru in Germany, known for starting one of the world's first web servers.