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Marge Simpson lookalike found on ancient Egyptian sarcophagus

A photograph of an Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus has gone viral for its distinct resemblance to Marge Simpson.
21.06.24 | Source: NME

Dating back more than 3000 years, the coffin shows an illustration of a woman with yellow-coloured skin, a green outfit and a blue crown, resembling Marge’s iconic tall hairstyle.

According to a Reddit post which surfaced this week, the tomb is apparently from the “New Kingdom, 20th Dynasty (circa 1186-1069 B.C.)”.

The post also explained how the sarcophagus was for the goddess Nut. “ I’ve seen the other pieces belonging to this grave, I think the parents (the deceased was a 16-year-old girl) may just not have had a lot of money so they did the best they could afford,” explained the Reddit user.

They continued: “Her shroud is a lot better looking, still in the same wonky style, but so much more attention and love has been put into it. It kinda hits me in the heart every time I see it.”

Many users have taken to the comment section to react to the sarcophagus’ illustration’s resemblance to The Simpsons family matriarch.