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Egyptian universities make progress in int'l educational classifications

The goal is for Egypt to become a regional center and an attractive educational platform for students wishing to study at the level of MENA.
10.04.24 | Source: SIS

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Ayman Ashour, confirmed that the great support that the higher education and scientific research system has received over the past 10 years has resulted in raising the level of competitiveness of local educational institutions and their prominent appearance in international classifications, which today are important indicators for ranking universities.


The mission of improving the classification of Egyptian universities, educational institutions and research centers at the international level has been on the Ministry's radar in accordance with the National Strategy for Higher Education and Scientific Research 2030, and in implementation of the directives of the political leadership, so that Egypt becomes a regional center and an attractive educational platform for students wishing to study at the level of the Arab region and the Middle East and the African continent.


The latest report on the status of Egyptian universities in international classifications showed recent results that reflect significant and notable progress in the ranking of Egyptian universities and educational institutions in various international classifications, which enjoy a distinguished reputation and international appreciation.

The results were as follows:


A total of 69 universities and research centers were included in the Semago World Classification, and the results of the classification indicated that 32 Egyptian universities and educational institutions appeared among the Q1 institutions, that is, within the top 25% of the classification.


Cairo University led the Egyptian universities, coming in 870th place, and 18 universities were also included within the Q2 institutions, among the top 50% in the classification, in addition to the inclusion of 14 research institutions in the classification, led by the National Research Center.


Also, 79 Egyptian educational institutions were included in the January 2024 edition of the “Webometrics General” classification, recording an improvement compared to the previous years' rankings. A total of 6 Egyptian universities were among the top thousand universities in the classification, which includes 32 thousand educational institutions from all over the world.


Alexandria University came in the first place. While followed in the top 10 positions of the general classification of this edition came: Cairo University, Mansoura University, Ain Shams University, Mostaqbal University, Zagazig University, American University in Cairo, Banha University, Assiut University, Al-Azhar University, and Tanta University.


The Webometrics classification version of reference citations also witnessed the inclusion of 50 Egyptian universities, led by Mansoura University, followed by Cairo and Ain Shams Universities.