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Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Mansour knighted by British prime minister

The Egyptian-British businessman is one of the Conservative Party's largest donors and will become Sir Mohamed Mansour.
31.03.24 | Source: new arab

An Egyptian born billionaire and former Mubarak government minister has been awarded a knighthood by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak,  sparking criticism and accusations of 'cronyism' from detractors.

Mohamed Mansour, who served as transport minister under military ruler Hosni Mubarak and donated £5m to Sunak’s Conservative party last year, has been awarded the honours in a surprise list announced by the prime minister on Thursday. 

The opposition Labour Party has accused Sunak of granting peerages as rewards to party donors, highlighting Mansour's significant contributions and his role as the ruling Conservative Party's senior treasurer last year.

The Egyptian-British businessman will receive a 'bachelor knighthood' awarded in a formal ceremony by King Charles which will see him become 'Sir Mohamed Mansour'. It is considered one of the nation's highest accolades and recipients range from businesspeople, politicians, to sports stars and actors.

Traditionally awarded at year's end, Sunak's Easter announcement of new honors has spurred speculation of its timing before the expected general election later this year.