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Supply Ministry Offers 110,000 Tons of Yellow Corn on Egyptian Mercantile Exchange

The Ministry of Supply aims to offer 110,000 tons of yellow corn, imported from Romania, on the Egyptian Mercantile Exchange (EMX).
08.04.23 | Source: See news

The ministry decided that the quantities of imported yellow corn for the benefit of poultry fodder factories with medium production capacities (production capacity from 20 to 100 tons per day) to be converted into poultry fodder for the benefit of small poultry breeders.

In this context, the Egyptian Stock Exchange announces the need for fodder factories to register their membership in the EMX through the following link:

The ministry called for adherence to the controls and determinants published on the EMX website in this regard, provided that factories start registering their membership starting Saturday, until Tuesday.

Breeders can buy yellow corn through the EMX platform after the quantities of yellow corn imported will be sold on stock exchange for the benefit of small poultry breeders.

Selling can only take place to parties that have a tax card and a valid commercial registration, provided that the productivity of these parties is a maximum of 20 thousand birds.