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The Egyptian peanut season kicks-off

The Egyptian peanut season kicks off with rising demand and calm competition. A production drop sees the spotlight on quality, with Egyptian peanuts entering a strong-demand market.
29.10.23 | Source:

The peanut season in Egypt has just begun, marking an exciting start to the season. According to Mohamed Hassan, the export sales manager at Alalamia Nuts, this start to the season has seen a surge in demand, while competition remains moderate. There has been a drop in national-level production this year due to adverse weather conditions and a decrease in peanut acreage in favor of maize and rice production, which are strategic crops in Egypt. This decrease in acreage has been estimated to be around 10%. However, this reduction has not affected the quality of the peanuts produced; in fact, Mohamed states that the quality is exceptional. The peanuts are cultivated in various sandy areas of the Egyptian desert and are irrigated using pivot irrigation methods, resulting in high yields. Two specific varieties are produced: Baladi and American NC, with the American NC designated for export due to its superior quality. The Egyptian peanut industry faces tough competition from India; however, the Egyptian season commences two months before the Indian season, giving it a competitive edge. Additionally, Egyptian peanuts have a more diverse consumer base, whereas Indian peanuts are primarily used within the food industry. Despite the economic challenges, Egyptian peanut prices have remained stable, primarily due to the devaluation of the Egyptian pound. Alalamia Nuts, specializing in peanut production and export since 2003, has maintained a steady acreage of 840 ha this season, presenting a diverse range of varieties and sizes.