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Egypt’s agrifood group Haj Arafa to build US$4m date packaging facility

Egypt’s agrifood group Haj Arafa has announced plans to build a US$4 million date packaging unit next year in the Siwa oasis, west of Egypt.
10.12.22 | Source: Food Business Africa

The announcement was made on November 30 by Mohammed Arafa Al Attar, CEO of the company.

The project will be implemented in collaboration with date producers in the region who will supply it with raw materials.


According to Al Attar, the new facility will provide, among other things, fruit sorting, cleaning and packing services.



The facility is expected to have a thermoforming packaging machine that allows dates to be packed in flexible film or rigid film, automatically.


The firm says that the production of the factory will be mainly reserved for the African and Asian markets.