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An Egyptian wins Arab scientific award for his applications of soilless agriculture

The research aimed at reducing the use of imported environments, and replacing them with renewable local environments.
03.12.22 | Source: ruetir

The names of the winners of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation Awards for Arab Researchers were announced at its 40th session for the year 2022, at the end of this week, and this year 17 researchers of various Arab nationalities won the award.

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation Awards for Arab Researchers, based in Jordan, is one of the most prominent awards at the level of Arab researchers. It is the first Arab award concerned with scientific research, and aims to celebrate and support Arab researchers in various fields. It is announced annually.

This year’s award was announced in 6 different fields dealing with medical and health sciences, the field of engineering sciences, technological and agricultural sciences, in addition to the humanities, social and educational sciences, basic sciences, and the field of administrative and economic sciences, in 12 different subjects. The award ceremony will be held in Jordan on Sunday, December 11th.

Muhammad Abu Al-Saud Muhammad, winner of the Shoman Prize in Agriculture, works as an extension and training agent at the Central Laboratory for Agricultural Climate of the Agricultural Research Center in the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture. He won the award for the topic “Theories and Applications in Agriculture Without Soil.”