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Entourage is a leading live communication agency in the region that is setting foot in Egypt following its successes of the past year.
20.06.22 | Interesting article at GDN online

Entourage, a leading live communication agency in the region, is setting foot in Egypt following its successes of the past year with a massive Expo 2020 Dubai participation and multiple big-ticket events and campaigns.


 “Aligning with Egypt’s ambitious Country Strategy 2022 to 2027 in creating an inclusive and sustainable growth trajectory and enhancing its global competitiveness, entourage is honoured to be a part of this growth story,” said Mohammed Tayem, Founder & CEO, entourage. 


Entourage has a long-standing relationship with Egypt, having been the architects behind the massively successful Misr Wahastoona and Misr Orayba campaigns 2014-2016. The objective of the campaign was to bring back Arab tourists to the country after the 2011 revolution. The impact of the campaign led to a 72% increase in the influx of tourism in two years, it said. 


“As the market has started to recover from the pandemic, and the investments in Egypt are growing at an unprecedented pace, we have seen a lot of interest and inquiries for our expertise from the market. With an in-depth understanding of the market and having worked on projects across MENA, we have a finger on the pulse of the region. Egypt is the place to explore our creativity and expand our potential with a super young and enthusiastic audience,” continued Tayem. 


With its successful expansion in Saudi Arabia, entourage, being a member of TGW (New York-based group focusing on the communication, brand experiences, and technology) has a very solid experience in building media campaigns and conferences and taking them from the local into the global platform, like Knowledge summit UAE, Ecommerce Forum KSA, Arab Media summit Bahrain.