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A total of 20 trainees from South Sudan, Nigeria, Central African Republic, and Cameroon participated in course.
22.08.21 | Source: Daily News Egypt

Cairo International Center for Conflict Resolution, Peacekeeping, and Peacebuilding )CCCPA( has organized a virtual training on dialogue, negotiation and mediation.

Total of 20 trainees from a number of African countries, including South Sudan, Nigeria, the Central African Republic,and Cameroon participated in the course.

The course aimed to enhance the negotiation and mediation skills of the diplomatic cadres in those countries by providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute effectively to the efforts to prevent and resolve conflicts on the continent.

This comes in light of Egypt’s extensive experiences in these fields and its pioneering role in maintaining peace and security in Africa.

The course dealt with different concepts of conflict resolution with a focus on mediation and the tools needed to achieve it successfully, in addition to contemporary issues in peacemaking such as the impact of the use of information technology.