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TE invested 12.7 billion Egyptian pounds ($ 790.3 million) in 2019 as a new shift in fixed broadband offerings to improve internet services.
07.03.21 | Interesting article at Arabian Marketer

Omdia released its latest report on broadband networks. The report revealed special expectations that help decision makers to take appropriate steps and plans for the future of their business, especially as it encompassed a set of important recommendations and suggestions for developing broadband networks in Egypt. On top of them, is inevitability of working on reducing the digital gap and ensuring that broadband services reach all citizens, in addition to reviewing the increase in participation in mobile and fixed facilities to overcome financial obstacles, states the agency.

Moreover, the report underscored the fact that investment in broadband should be enlarged to be able to continue providing quality services, especially after the spread and outbreak of COVID-19. Eventually, the report emphasized that Egypt should continue to invest in developing digital skills to guarantee the provision of high level services to customers.