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Egypt’s first National Housing Strategy was launched in Cairo this week, with a view to guaranteeing everyone the right to adequate and safe housing.
08.10.20 | Interesting article at Ahram Online

“Everyone has the right to healthy, safe, and affordable shelter, which includes all basic services and facilities while allowing them freedom of choice without discrimination and ensuring the legal right to own their housing or be tenants without the threat of expulsion or forced eviction,” said Nafisa Hashem, first undersecretary and head of the Housing and Utilities Department at the Ministry of Housing, during the online launch of the first National Housing Strategy for Egypt on Monday.

The unveiling of the strategy coincided with World Habitat Day, this year held under the slogan of “Housing for All: A Better Urban Future”.

The vision of the Ministry of Housing focused on enabling every citizen to exercise his or her right to live in a safe environment fully equipped with infrastructure and connected to employment opportunities and adequate services, with the state taking on the responsibility to provide a minimum standard of decent housing for all citizens, particularly low-income groups, those speaking at the launch webinar said.