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The opportunities in the sector include enhancement in exports and competitiveness.
26.01.20 | Interesting article at Zawya

Egypt’s internet commerce scene is still in its first steps for growing and reaching its potential. But with incentives initiated by the Government and private companies, it looks great for the e-Commerce industry. The taken-off e-Commerce in Egypt is quite Improving but needs more elements in the upcoming years. Information and Communication technology evolution has played a very important role in uplifting the sector. Its evolution has affected the way businesses are managed both internally and externally by creating new goods, services, delivery channels. By which the organization can enhance the relationship with customers.

Although, it was reported that the Egyptian system lacks the potential commitment, institutional capacity to implement a reform program. However, there are major strategic plans for uplifting/upbringing the sector with increased exposure to technology and the youth highly depends on the internet this, e-Commerce is the in the current generation is widely observed across the region.