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FVW: FTI relocates central business units to Egypt and Turkey

One of Germany’s biggest tourism groups, FTI, will open major offices in El Gouna and Istanbul under a reorganisation.
29.06.18 | Interesting article at FVW

The new offices are part of a reorganisation under which activities for the entire FTI Group and individual tour operator brands have been structured more clearly than in the past. There are now central group units covering flight procurement, destination management, hospitality, sales, operations and call centres. Until now, some of these activities were carried out by the German tour operator business on behalf of the whole group.

At the same time, FTI is facing problems winning sufficient qualified staff for these central functions in its home location of Munich, where it currently has 120 open job vacancies. Tourism companies in the Bavarian capital, where rents and living costs are high, cannot compete with the salaries paid, for example, by banks, insurance companies, automotive groups and companies in other industries.