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Nissan already holds a 10% share of the Egyptian market and localisation of its production is a key part of future growth in Africa's largest market.
10.10.15 | Interesting article at Star Africa

As part of its business expansion strategy in Africa, Nissan has confirmed its 6th October City Plant, near Giza (south of Cairo) will begin local assembly of the popular Sentra sedan, said Isao Sekiguchi, managing director of Nissan Motor Egypt on Thursday.

Sekiguchi added that the plant, which also produces the Sunny and Nissan Pickup models, will begin in October ahead of the locally-built model’s sales launch later this month.

He remarked that “By sourcing Sentra locally we will be able to react more quickly to demands from the Egyptian market and better meet the expectations from our customers. Localizing production also has wider benefits for the Egyptian economy as well as safeguarding jobs and further embedding Nissan within the local automotive industry.”

Sekiguchi added “At a time Egypt is working to develop and strengthen the economy and attract inward investment, we are very proud that Nissan is increasingly becoming part of the fabric of the Egyptian auto sector”.