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Petrochemical industry in Egypt

A comprehensive overview of industries in Egypt - including oil & gas, paper and packaging companies, as well as the latest industry news.

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packaging stretch film &strap
Manufacturing of PVC/UPVC/HDPE.
We manufacture adhesives for all industries, are looking to purchase PVALbp24 & 28 and also PVAC resins
Medical devices manufacturers
We are one of best spechial fertilizers and agro chemical in egypt
One of the largest complexes for Polypropylene manufacturing.
Serve More Fields than any other Polymer on the Face of the Earth, Covers :
Potable , Wastwater and Seawater
Misr Fertilizers Production Compan
Naili vane type air compressor manufacturer is looking for distributors in Egypt.
Please contact :
Egyptian ,Pharmceutical ,6th of october ,1200 employee ,has production , Quality control , marketing , sales , distribution , financial ,rank 20th ims
Desin and consultanct