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A comprehensive overview of the health and pharma industry in Egypt - find pharmaceutical manufacturers and laboratories, hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, as well as the latest industry news.

A leading international hospital.
Cairo Scan is the leading private provider of diagnostic and interventional imaging services across Egypt.
Alfa Lab Egypt
Giza EG
Alfa laboratories was founded in 1998 and is one of the leading pathology laboratories in Egypt.
Dar Al Fouad Hospital is a tertiary healthcare institution that specializes in cardiology, cardio-thoracic surgery, and organ transplants.
Magrabi Optical
Cairo EG
Magrabi Optical's expert staff of eye care professionals is dedicated to providing patients with the very best eye care available.
It is a international hospital in accordance with the highest standards of technology and equipped.
Nozha International Hospital
Cairo, El Nozha EG
Alfa Scan
Giza EG
(AMG) is one of the largest healthcare providers in Egypt with 170+ pathology laboratories and six radiology centres.
Established in 1998, UNICARE has come a long way serving around 300,000 customers with tailor-made health care programs in Egypt.
Bedaya hospital
giza EG
infertility hospital in Egypt for men and women. best ivf success rates
The Egyptian Cure Bank is an NGO. Vision is to act as a driver for collaborating efforts & thoughts to leverage national health scale in Egypt.
Medica Egypt
cairo EG
Wide distribution for therapeutic services provider (client) for a large number of patients through the tools and promotional materials and the use of
Part of the biggest private hospital group in the Middle East
Cairo EG
Ceglly is an electronic medical record just like any other record keeping,moving patients' records from paper and physical filing systems to compute
Next Sky 360
Cairo EG
NextSky 360 is a healthcare IT company based in Cairo with a vision of providing new approaches to solving old issues in the healthcare industry.
Plastic Surgery is the restoration of normal form and function of the human body.
Meditech Egypt is a middle east branch and partner company of China Meditech Group which was founded in 1998, with 3 daughter companies
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